Over half way……

Well we are over the half way mark of our Japan holiday and alls going well.

We left Richies for a 2 week stint in some other accommodation, our first time living in shared staff accommodation with a bunch of young guys and girls. Mind you we barely saw them due to their work hours but, were awesome when we did. Cam built them a fire pot and cleaned up the front deck and porch area the day we arrived so I think they were actually quite stoked to have us there after that. They were very accommodating to us old folks, age was no barrier…..we think.

We also had the pleasure of having Hasko and Jo, our friends from Canberra come and stay with us in the “Tree House” it was great to have them there and I’m pretty sure they enjoyed their time here in Myoko, with Hasko making quite a few “That’s the best days skiing I’ve ever had” comments, we’re pretty sure they did!

The snow has been great incase you hadn’t noticed from Facebook/Instagram posts, smiles all round, looks like Myoko is on track for its average of 14m of snow each winter. I’m pretty sure I’ve also heard the same words from Cam “that’s the best day skiing I’ve ever had” on several occasions as well.

Powder, powder and more powder snow and take it from someone who didn’t know there would be much difference, there certainly is. It’s so light and fluffy, when you kick it, it just turns to dust. It’s so dry, there’s no chance of building a snow man out of it as it won’t compact, you have to wait for it to warm a little so it’ll stick together.

Cam has progressed with his friendship with Tet, a 61 y.o. Japanese, ex ski instructor of 40 years who has become a great friend. A very generous gentleman who offered to give the girls private ski lessons for a whole day, taking them through powder snow and tree runs, their skiing ability and confidence has improved so much it’s very noticeable, we are very proud of them. He has also been given Cam many tips from Tet aswell but he has not approached myself as yet. Jo and I both figured that this was because you can’t improve on perfection and he left us alone!🤣

Tet also took Cam back country a week or so ago, lending him all the gear and sharing his wealth of knowledge gained from skiing this area for over 40 years.

Cams ability to make friends even when they can’t even speak the same language is amazing to watch, I saw it with my own eyes. We got off a lift and all of a sudden another 70 odd year old Japanese man was following us around, talking to the girls trying to teach them how to count and following Cam around like a lost puppy dog, it’s quite humorous. I asked Cam what he said to him and he said “nothing really, just smiled and tried to talk to him”. You really only have to say hi or thank you in Japanese or even English and they seem to just appreciate the fact that you’ve tried to talk to them and just gave them some of your time, they really are amazingly friendly people. Oh, and their food is amazing too!

I had my 1st real powder skiing day last week and it was a bit of fun. Ploughing through it like it was dust and watching my skis disappear under the snow was an amazing experience, but after a face plant and a twist and turn smacking the back of my head I decided to stick to the groomed runs, just aswell it was a soft landing.

We then moved around the road with some guys from W.A. (more friends Cam made) that bought a lodge here and just so happened to have a couple of beds available for the remaining few nights before returning to our original accommodation. Again another great bunch of great guys. We had our first blinder in Japan with them for the JJJ Hottest 100, was a great night and the way they looked after us and the time they gave to the girls was fantastic. Thanks Ryan, Jamie and Jordan and co if you happen to read this.

We’ve just had another big dump of snow Thursday just in time for Paul Viney and his crew. It’s been great seeing familiar faces from time to time with some more friends, Stu from Sisters Beach and then Glenno from Vic coming in the next few weeks, with a bit of luck one of them may happen to have some spare room in their suitcases to squeeze in some Cadbury hazelnut chocolate and in return I will be your forever friend!😬 (thanks Jo).

We had a great day skiing yesterday on a rare Bluebird day with, yep you guessed it, some more new friends Cam has made on the chairlift once again, Jake and Marry-Anne from Oregon, US. Cams now planning a holiday to the US to stay with them!😫 got news for him, won’t be for a while!

We hope all you guys back home aren’t sweating it out to much and keeping safe from all the fires.

I’ll try to make you all feel a bit cooler and keep posting some more snow pics. to help you get through (secretly I’m a little jealous as guess what……. it’s snowing AGAIN arghhhh).😩

2 thoughts on “Over half way……

  1. Well your’e certainly having a fabulous experience in Japan…I s’pose you’ll want to go back one day….I know you will have a terrific time in the USA if you ever get there. Best people I’ve met and a great country. I hope to get back there again one day..saving up for it as we speak. Sprouty has been a pretty good little boy, no real dramas, I think he’s missing you all. He’s only got another few weeks to be reunited with his beloved family. Mind you…I think he likes nanny Lou ok and he loves Sassy, they haven’t had any disagreements at all.
    Love to you all.Missing you xxxx


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