If you’ve snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll love the Ningaloo Reef, it’s up there with it and possibly better, but each to their own.

The accessibility to the reef is way easier, no boat trip required, simply chuck on your flippers and your snorkel and walk straight out in the water, it’s right there at your feet.

We went to Oyster Stacks and Torquoise Bay and neither were a let down. The water was warm and the colour was Torquoise (hence the name). The fish life was amazing, so many types of fish and different sizes. We managed to join in with a school of fish for a swim, that was pretty cool, we think they were Drummer fish, but not 100% sure. We also came across another species, ones that you don’t really want to see but lucky for us they were only white tipped reef sharks 🦈 1.5m and the other about 2m. We stirred one of them up and it started heading straight towards us, it was enough for Ilueka and I to swim off fast, meanwhile Marcee swam off casually singing baby shark through her snorkel under water 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Cam managed to get some work, thanks to some traveling friends Graham and Jodie, who were already there and happened to see a post requiring a plumber. He made contact and 3 days later was hard at it again plumbing on a prawn farm.

We parked up at a friends house and Paul we can’t thank you enough for the use of your house, it was weird living in a house again, so much space and not to mention the location was awesome for us.

We caught up on school and infact finished the paper based work, so now we’re just keeping up to date with journal writing.

We also went to a great pub called Whalebone, best pizza’s ever and great atmosphere. Live music and feature nights, if you’re ever there drop in.

We loved Exmouth, it’s a great little town, with a lot going for it, just wish we were there to dive with the whale sharks, next time maybe. We were lucky enough to see a lot of Turtles though and even some tracks up the beach to a nest!

With work finished up there, the guy Cam was working for, Justin, offered him a week of work at Coral Bay, about an hour and a half south of Exmouth. We were heading there anyway so it worked out well.

Another little town on the Ningaloo Reef, not a lot there but it’s main attraction is the reef.

We went to Five Fingers Reef, which was another drift dive. Another amazing place to snorkel was out the front of the main beach where there is a huge brain coral they call Ayers Rock. It’s as big as an average sized family car, if not bigger. The girls confidence in the water and their snorkelling has grown so much, they’ve been teaching me a thing or two.

We went for a day trip to Warrorra Station. This is a farm station on the beach, where you can camp cheaply $100 a week, not bad for a family. You do have to be self sufficient as there are no facilities close by, but it’s another magical spot for snorkelling, fishing and some surfing.

Now to tick another thing off the list, a surf at Red Bluff for Cam. The gravel road was going well, nearly as good as a high way until the other side of Quobba Station where the corrugated road was waiting for us yet again, but that was the least of our worries.

We pulled up to this world famous wave, it was a little expensive, ummm $50 a night for not much. No power, no toilet, no water and a very grumpy, non helpful receptionist.

The view was pretty amazing but no waves for Cam. We made friends with the million locals that were there at the time, they belonged to the very annoying small fly tribe and seemed to enjoy our company more than we did theirs. Getting up close and personal with our ears, nose and mouth, even our sexy fly nets were no barrier for them 😫.

The night also grew more interesting, earlier in the day we had a storm come in, with wind, a down pour of rain along with thunder and lightning, although it was only brief it was enough to cause damage. I turned to look at the sky after dusk and it was glowing orange. It looked beautiful, but I then realised it was from a fire and with the wind was blowing it in our direction a little concerning. The wind however did turn and we were at ease.

Up early the next day we searched for some surf and eventually found a fun wave at Turtles, the drive in over the sand dunes was very nerve racking, considering we didn’t know if anyone else was in there, hadn’t seen anyone else all day and the temperatures were starting to nudge the 40’s so getting stuck would’ve been very interesting!😳

luckily we got in and back out and Cam even got a surf.

With the influx of flies we decided to move camp to Carnarvon. Driving past the fires we realised how close they had gotten.

A quick look at Quobba Blowholes on the way out and we soon arrived at the caravan park, showered up and feeling human again.

With the surf still pumping at Turtles, Cam went back up for another surf, while the girls and I chilled out and caught up with a bit of washing and their favourite, journal writing.

We took a short tour around the small town, an interesting little place but we wanted to keep moving towards Steep Point, Denham and Monkey Mia area. Some adventures ahead but I’ll bore you with that in my next update.

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