From Australia’s most Western Point to beautiful Margaret River…

Well we’ve had a bit of an adventure getting to Margaret River and seen some beautiful coast line along the way.

We were set to travel out to Steep Point to join up with friends and other traveling families. We had a dog sitter organised and a place to store the van, as we were lending a tent, to easy, so we thought.

We pulled up at the van park where we had organised with the park owner the day before to leave Sprout and the van for a couple of days. Cam went in to organise where to park etc, when he came back out with the park owners son, the situation got a bit tense as he wasn’t aware of the situation and was acting a little uneasy, and to try and put it nicely, he wasn’t the most savoury of characters, as he continued to show us where we could park while having anxiety attacks it was all getting a little too much for me, there was no way I was leaving Sprout with this stranger. After pulling Cam aside, I said no way. I didn’t even want to leave the van there let alone Sprout.

We made more phone calls and found another sitter, phew, however driving along we felt a bad vibration and started to become concerned. We pulled over only to discover our tyre was de-laminating. Carefully we arrived in Denham and found a tyre place where we were able to purchase a replacement. The guy was awesome, offering a free park for the van for the next couple of days and even offered to look after Sprout until our doggy sitter could come in to pick him up that afternoon. Problem solved, Steep point here we come!

We left Denham first thing the next day and headed out to Steep Point, amazed as to how our friends managed to get a 23 foot caravan and two other slightly smaller vans into Shelter Bay. There was some narrow parts of the track but most of all, the long sand dune to climb over, no problems when not towing but towing something of that size and weight, certainly was a good effort.

We arrived in the little bay, such a beautiful little spot and a great camping area, plus the toilet was the cutest public toilet I’d ever seen.

The cliffs were amazing and quite scary at the same time. The drop off and waves crashing up against these giant edges of Australia were very intimidating.

We ventured out to the blow holes where the kids found the tiniest of holes, in which they thought it would be fun poking tiny rocks down, waiting, then when the air pushed through they laughed with excitement as the rocks shot out. This kept the near dozen kids entertained for quite sometime.

The wind had died off on the second day, making it a little more inviting for swimming and also some time on the boogy board behind the boat. The girls were very excited as it had been awhile since they’d had the opportunity to do this. Big smiles and all, they were both stoked to stay up on their knees while being towed. Marcee came off at one stage but determined she jumped back on and away she went.

Wondering how our little fury friend was going in Denham, we received a txt from the sitter who asked us if Sprout liked to sleep on the bed, a little amazed by this as we assumed he’d be in his bed in the garage or lounge at the most, we told him it was up to him, apparently he did sleep on the bed and their dog was outside 😝.

We packed up camp ready for the challenge out. While folding up the tent we discovered we weren’t alone and that we nearly had a visitor in our bed….. a lovely red back spider 🕷 was making camp underneath us, a little to close for my liking.

Off we set and everyone got over the first dune however the challenge was yet to come. Hooked on to our friends car and van, we made our way ready to pull them up if needed. All going well to start off with, but eventually the cruiser decided pulling 12 tonne up the dune was not going to happen and we started to bury ourselves. We pulled up, well that wasn’t really a choice at that stage, we got out to assess the situation after a few other attempts, letting more air out of the tyres and other techniques, it was time to winch them up. So much easier and quicker.

We all made it safely out, no damage and the facial expressions were back to smiles and not of concern.

We headed back to Denham to pick up Sprout and the van and stayed another night. Up early the next morning we went to Monkey Mia, the water was glassy and the tourist numbers were down, so we were happy. Ilueka was lucky enough to be chosen to feed one of the dolphins and as we were swimming later that morning, they swam right past us, an amazing experience.

Back in the car we were off to Kalbarri for a few days for a bit of surfing. Cam got in a few good surfs and I think Kalbarri is up there with about another 1/2 dozen places where I’ve heard him say “I could live here”.🙄

We caught up with friends again traveling in the same directions. It’s been great, as it breaks it up for the girls and us adults.

After nearly a week of sight seeing and surf, Lucky Bay was on my destination list and I’m glad we did.

It seemed to be a hidden gem and no one around, although it was off peak. The caretakers told us about a grassy camp, perfect, the best camp spot we’d had. We set up with friends Graham, Jodi and Jacinta and headed to the beach. The lagoon was beautiful, the perfect temperature for swimming and we spent the afternoon there playing and driving over the dunes.

We had a couple of nights there and @$15 a night, it was cheap accommodation with a 5 star rating. The next morning Cam even managed to catch a few crayfish for lunch!😋

It was time to buckle down to get to Margaret River before Christmas, so we had a quick overnight stop and re-stock in Geraldton. We parked at the overnight stay near the boat ramp with a few others and in the morning we emptied the toilet and decided to fill up the water tanks. We also thought while no one was around we’d give the van a quick wash. Working quickly together so as not to get caught, we felt the presence of a vehicle pull up behind our backs. I turned around to see a police car, with the police officer saying “I’m the water police, what are you up to?”. My mouth dropped until we saw him laughing, he’d only pulled up to check out our bike rack set up, phew. After a quick chat (well quite long actually) we eventually headed off to our next camp.

Slowly making our way down the coast we stopped of at Gumtree bay for lunch and a walk. We discovered hundreds of small sea urchins all washed up on shore, they were so cute, some smaller than a 5 cent piece.

The road to Sandy Cape camp was closed due to an accident and the detour was a little longer than what we wanted to travel so we thought we’d wait and pulled up at Desperation Bay. Another great spot, infact we camped here the night and had a fish for squid off the jetty, but no luck. It was a beautiful spot and a great find.

It was time to get some Chrissy shopping done so after some advice on shopping centres we pulled up at a little dodgy caravan park, although very clean but all I could smell as soon as I got out was stale cigarette smoke in the air, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The small community of permanent residents at the park were so friendly and generous, offering help if we needed anything and after some shopping we came back to find a big bag of fresh bread and rolls at our doorstep that they’d kindly given us, they themselves had been given excess and thought we’d appreciate it.

We checked out the beaches at Scarborough and Cottesloe. Perth itself is a pretty city and we were quite impressed with it.

Trying to keep within our budget, Christmas shopping kinda blew it out a little, we stayed at free camp near Busselton. Not to bad a spot and we were the first ones there, so we got pick of the parking. Not long after, one by one the campers pulled in, one family we spoke to were traveling in a pop top Troop Carrier, 2 adults and 3 young kids from Sweden, good luck I say.

Finally after saying to many people, we have no set plans except Margaret River for Christmas, we were finally here, greeted by Cavey, Steph and the ever so gorgeous Bear. Time to set up, kick back, relax and enjoy the festivities, unfortunately there were a few minor hiccups……….More on that next time.

2 thoughts on “From Australia’s most Western Point to beautiful Margaret River…

  1. Wow! Some more stunning spots that you managed to find! Gee we live in an amazing Country!
    Can’t wait for the excitement of the next post!
    Love you all and the missing is getting worse!
    Mumma Lou

    Liked by 1 person

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