Over half way……

Well we are over the half way mark of our Japan holiday and alls going well.

We left Richies for a 2 week stint in some other accommodation, our first time living in shared staff accommodation with a bunch of young guys and girls. Mind you we barely saw them due to their work hours but, were awesome when we did. Cam built them a fire pot and cleaned up the front deck and porch area the day we arrived so I think they were actually quite stoked to have us there after that. They were very accommodating to us old folks, age was no barrier…..we think.

We also had the pleasure of having Hasko and Jo, our friends from Canberra come and stay with us in the “Tree House” it was great to have them there and I’m pretty sure they enjoyed their time here in Myoko, with Hasko making quite a few “That’s the best days skiing I’ve ever had” comments, we’re pretty sure they did!

The snow has been great incase you hadn’t noticed from Facebook/Instagram posts, smiles all round, looks like Myoko is on track for its average of 14m of snow each winter. I’m pretty sure I’ve also heard the same words from Cam “that’s the best day skiing I’ve ever had” on several occasions as well.

Powder, powder and more powder snow and take it from someone who didn’t know there would be much difference, there certainly is. It’s so light and fluffy, when you kick it, it just turns to dust. It’s so dry, there’s no chance of building a snow man out of it as it won’t compact, you have to wait for it to warm a little so it’ll stick together.

Cam has progressed with his friendship with Tet, a 61 y.o. Japanese, ex ski instructor of 40 years who has become a great friend. A very generous gentleman who offered to give the girls private ski lessons for a whole day, taking them through powder snow and tree runs, their skiing ability and confidence has improved so much it’s very noticeable, we are very proud of them. He has also been given Cam many tips from Tet aswell but he has not approached myself as yet. Jo and I both figured that this was because you can’t improve on perfection and he left us alone!🀣

Tet also took Cam back country a week or so ago, lending him all the gear and sharing his wealth of knowledge gained from skiing this area for over 40 years.

Cams ability to make friends even when they can’t even speak the same language is amazing to watch, I saw it with my own eyes. We got off a lift and all of a sudden another 70 odd year old Japanese man was following us around, talking to the girls trying to teach them how to count and following Cam around like a lost puppy dog, it’s quite humorous. I asked Cam what he said to him and he said “nothing really, just smiled and tried to talk to him”. You really only have to say hi or thank you in Japanese or even English and they seem to just appreciate the fact that you’ve tried to talk to them and just gave them some of your time, they really are amazingly friendly people. Oh, and their food is amazing too!

I had my 1st real powder skiing day last week and it was a bit of fun. Ploughing through it like it was dust and watching my skis disappear under the snow was an amazing experience, but after a face plant and a twist and turn smacking the back of my head I decided to stick to the groomed runs, just aswell it was a soft landing.

We then moved around the road with some guys from W.A. (more friends Cam made) that bought a lodge here and just so happened to have a couple of beds available for the remaining few nights before returning to our original accommodation. Again another great bunch of great guys. We had our first blinder in Japan with them for the JJJ Hottest 100, was a great night and the way they looked after us and the time they gave to the girls was fantastic. Thanks Ryan, Jamie and Jordan and co if you happen to read this.

We’ve just had another big dump of snow Thursday just in time for Paul Viney and his crew. It’s been great seeing familiar faces from time to time with some more friends, Stu from Sisters Beach and then Glenno from Vic coming in the next few weeks, with a bit of luck one of them may happen to have some spare room in their suitcases to squeeze in some Cadbury hazelnut chocolate and in return I will be your forever friend!😬 (thanks Jo).

We had a great day skiing yesterday on a rare Bluebird day with, yep you guessed it, some more new friends Cam has made on the chairlift once again, Jake and Marry-Anne from Oregon, US. Cams now planning a holiday to the US to stay with them!😫 got news for him, won’t be for a while!

We hope all you guys back home aren’t sweating it out to much and keeping safe from all the fires.

I’ll try to make you all feel a bit cooler and keep posting some more snow pics. to help you get through (secretly I’m a little jealous as guess what……. it’s snowing AGAIN arghhhh).😩

Japan, put it on the holiday list.

Well we’ve only been here a week and already we are loving the place.

Although we have done very little sightseeing, what we have experienced has been great and the scenery is beautiful.

One thing we did discover about Japan is when you book a hotel that says “children stay free” what they actually mean is, “yes, they stay free, but we supply them nothing”. One double bed, two towels-that’s it, enjoy! 😊

Looking at the bed we were trying to configure how we’d all fit, myself volunteering to sleep on the floor, I was so tired I didn’t care. Then Cam came up with the idea instead of sleeping the normal way, what if we slept across way. Our feet hung out a little but, we didn’t care as long as we had somewhere to rest ours heads we were happy.

We had a few little train mis-haps but, the Japanese were so friendly and even though there was the language barrier we were able to get help and get on the trains to our destinations.

We headed out to our accommodation on the Friday morning carrying all our luggage from train to train looking like pack horses. One Japanese man helped me carry my suitcase down the stairs, very kind of him. Squeezing onto peak hour trains with luggage was not easy but everyone seemed understanding and made way for us. The rail system in japan is amazing, don’t stress if you miss one, 30 seconds later there’s another.

Finally we arrived in Tokyo ready to catch the bullet train.

We sat down in our seats for the 2 hour trip, got comfy ready for fast take off, well that’s what I was expecting. Doing speeds of up to 250km an hour it just felt like a Sunday drive, smoother than a Melbourne tram at 40km.

Mark and De picked us up from the Nagano-Shi train station and after a 40 min drive we arrived safely at their accommodation “Richies”.

The ski village itself is really one Main Street right at the base of Mt Myoko, with the many ski resorts draped around it.

There was ALOT of rigmarole to get our season passes for Cam and I but, after Cam’s persistence, we all know what that’s like, running backwards and forwards from ski resort to town trying to get them we met a ski instructor who was able to speak some English and very kindly got us sorted. It’s hard to explain the difficulty in getting these passes and we weren’t supposed to get them for 4 or 5 days but he had us out skiing in the snow the following day, we couldn’t thank him enough.

I woke during the night to strange noises, a little concerned as it was a rumbling noise and although the volcano hadn’t erupted for a couple of hundred years, I was still a little concerned. Half asleep in the morning I said to Cam about it, where he replied look out the window, there was snow and the noises I heard was the snow falling off the roof, phew.

The snow was amazing to ski on, so dry and fluffy and very picturesque. Not a breath of wind and surprisingly it didn’t feel that cold. Fresh groomed runs and no line ups it doesn’t get any better than that.

Christmas Day was even better, blue bird day. The sun was shining, Santa had found Ilueka and Marcee, Cam unfortunately had miss-behaved to much and received nothing but Christmas is everyday with us (laughy face, laughy face). We enjoyed another beautiful day of skiing, eating yummy food on the mountain and arriving back to the lodge for a huge Christmas dinner.

We woke this morning to almost a meter of snow and it’s still snowing and is supposed to be for the next few days, possibly a couple of metres. Cam took the girls out today in the blizzard while I had a rest day and it was so deep the girls almost disappeared, literally. There was a few minor melt downs early but they came good and ended up having a ball.

There’s no doubt about it, all the “snow story’s” you hear about japan are certainly not exaggerated, it’s truly amazing how much and how quickly that white stuff falls from the heavens!

Exciting times ahead and it’s only the beginning………

End of chapter 1

So we have come to the end of our first chapter on this trip of a life time. Coming home to Tassie for 10 days was great, catching up with family and friends and celebrating Jason and Renee’s wedding, an awesome day, night, day, night.

We’re sitting at the Launie airport waiting for our flight to Sydney where our next adventure starts. Whilst my stomach is churning from anxiety as I’m trying to think of the million things we are going to encounter in the next 48 hours from departing our beautiful country to arriving into another beautiful place Japan, we can not wait.

I looked at the temperature in Tokyo and was slightly a little glum going from 30 odd degrees to 7 degrees, however it’s been snowing heaps and that’s what we’re going for, besides it’s going to be summer all round for us Taswegians when we get back as we head North and won’t have another cold winter until 2020, I think we’ll cope.

Our last couple of months at Jindabyne went fast and there was plenty to do and see. The caravan life did get a little difficult being in such a confined space for 5 months it can take its toll. Once the weather fined up we could spend more time outside so that broke it up a little.

The Alpine Adventist Park was a great caravan park and Stan and Bron were amongst the nicest people we have met and went above and beyond for us. The girls loved it there and at the end of spring we were able to see the Shetland foal “Cappuccino ” and “Salt and Pepper” the newly hatched chicks. We’d highly recommend this place as it is a very safe, clean environment which is all we wanted for us and the girls.

Sprout made it through the winter aswell. Stuck on his long line being teased by the copious amounts of kangaroos, alpacas and even that wombat that he loved so much, I’m pretty sure he only waddled by just to annoy him. I’m quite sure his time at Lou’s will be enjoyable with his mate Sassy, together they both can bark at anything that moves.

There are so many family and friends that we need to thank so far on this trip for their generosity, from accommodating us, to lending vehicles, chauffeuring, cooking and looking after our kids, Sprout and Cam, to many to name but, I’m sure you know who you are. We worked with some great people (some not but we sorted him out) and made new friends, hopefully life long and picked up new skills to put on the resume.

so stay tuned as we embark on our next chapter and I hope we don’t inundate you to much with fun filled Japan stories.


Well the snow season has finally come to an end, and what a cracker it was, over two meters of snow and lots of good times had.

The original plan WAS to be on the road again about now and heading to the Port Stephens area but, we’re having a slight detour.

Many of you are aware of my husband and his ways but, for those of you that don’t let me explain a little about him. Cam tends to do things on a whim and is always in search of the next adventure and they usually aren’t littleπŸ’‘in fact, most the time it’s something that you think, “no way we can’t do that, it won’t work or you can’t possibly pull that one off.” Most of the time he’s already decided before we even know anything about it. In saying that though, he/we usually seem to pull it off! One of these days he’ll trip us all up, I just hope it’s not too bad when it happens!

So whilst looking through his emails, as I usually do being the book keeper I need to keep an eye on his spendings and other work information, I discovered an email from a lady saying “sorry your to old to get a working visa in Japan”??? Curious I questioned Cam and yes he had tried to get us jobs in Japan for their snow season. Things didn’t quite work out in job hunting because of the age/visa problem however, we met a great couple, Mark and Dee that were staying at the van park, who happened to have a lodge in Myoko, Japan who offered us a great deal on accommodation and well, now we’re off to Japan….. for three months mind you!! Slightly off the course we were traveling but, hey, why not. We have no commitments to jobs and what a great opportunity for our girls to see an amazing country. It’s hopefully going to be a white Christmas for the Conroy’s and Cams as excited as a little kid about skiing the famous “Japan powder”.

So we have decided to stay put here in Jindabyne now until the end of November so maybe we might get some mountain bike riding in and fishing in the lake. We love the park we’re staying in and get on really well with the manager and other staff, I’m actually surprised Cam hasn’t had us all kicked out by now as most of you are probably aware that it’s a Seven day adventist camp!

The snow season here was great and I can not believe that we all survived living in our caravan for the winter. We had visits from our nephews Jordan and Brennan, a mate from Melbourne Glenno. Hasko and Jo from Canberra and regular visits from Gazza, Leanne and Eden from Sydney as they had their van here as well, so it was great to have some friendly faces around.

The girls skiing has been excellent and apart from the early morning starts we enjoyed our weekends skiing together as a family. It is one sport that can be done as a family at all levels of ability. The last day we had up there had a highlight for the girls and I, as we were heading to theT-bar lift, I glanced behind myself to see where everyone was only to see a golden moment, one that we had been waiting for all season. This moment had happened to all of us, but not smarty pants as yet, but yes that’s right Cam had a stack!! The smile on our faces could not be wiped off, I’m pretty sure there was a lot of laughter and Ilueka thoughtfully asked “are you ok dad”. Now there is video evidence of this but, the videographer (Cam, as he was actually filming at the time) will not make this available to the public, he’s quite happy to post all the others but not this one hmmmmm.

We’re looking forward to a brief catch up with friends and family in December when we come home for Whitey and Renae’s wedding, no doubt it won’t be long enough. We’ll also say goodbye to Sprout for a few months while he has a little holiday with his nan, (lol) I’m thinking she’s pretty excited about that (Lol again). If anyone else wants to spend some quality time with him and ad some real excitement and adventure to their lives, just let her know and she’ll arrange it I’m sure!

I’ve just finished working at the laundromat and sport and recreation and I’m down to pretty much one job, which makes things easier to remember where I have to go.

Cam is about to start plumbing up at Thredbo for a different company but has been busy at the van park for the last 3 weeks doing plumbing jobs which has been perfect while the girls are on school holidays. They jump on the park buggy (looking like Thelma and Louise) and drive up to the chalets where he’s been working to see how things are going, Sprout tied up on the back, as he can’t run along side since he got VERY friendly with the local pet wombat and paid him a visit down his burrow… several times! The sweet little angel wouldn’t come out so he had to be flushed out with a fire hose. He was a little worse for ware as I’m thinking the wombat gave him a run for his money. We think (hope) the wombat is fine.

So the next time we post will be in Myoko, Japan and it’ll be nearly Christmas and we’ll be very excited as I think some little girls will be getting tickets to a famous theme park in Tokyo for Christmas 🐭

See you soon Tassie.

Life at the snow fields

It’s been nearly 2 months living in the caravan and nobody has killed each other, however there has been some close calls.

Both girls have settled into Jindabyne Central School and made new friends. We’re very proud of them as they’ve been transitioning very well and haven’t skipped a beat with their schooling which was one of my concerns. At the end of last term they both received certificates for their efforts and Marcee received another this term at her new school.

Ilueka has already started her winter sports program in which they go skiing with an instructor every Friday for 8 weeks. We’ve already noticed how her confidence has grown and is no longer “Driving Miss Daisy”. Marcee has a 3 day program at the end of the month and look out when she’s finished, perhaps I better get some lessons?

Cams still busy with his plumbing. If there’s ever a job that’s easy to pick up work while traveling it’s this trade. They’re always in demand. He and Sprout are still hanging out on the job sites but unfortunately Sprout doesn’t get out of the work bus as much these days.

The girls had a great day over the recent school holidays when they had to go with Cam to work, as I couldn’t take them to mine. The first job was at a local ski Lodge where the owners welcomed them in with pancakes, hot chocolate and TV. Nice for some. They then ventured to Berridale and called into a job at a craft/clothing shop. It was here that the lovely lady taught them how to knit, it was also then that I learnt how to fix their mistakes, after mistake, after mistake.

We’re staying at the Alpine Adventist Park. No Drinking, No Smoking and more than likely No Swearing. There are ways and means of getting around this. We tend drink a lot of coffee out of our thermos cups, it’s not the same as a stubby or a wine glass but, at least we haven’t been kicked out…… yet.

Some of you may have heard about Cams little mishap when he decided we needed a wind break so proceeded to drive some star pickets in the ground so as to fix the shade cloth/wind break to, seemed like a great idea….. until the second picket went straight through the 2″ water main that supplies the whole camp! Just as well we know a plumber!! A day and a half later, all fixed.

It’s a great place to stay. Miniature ponies, sheep, alpacas and horses to feed. There’s a kids bike pump track and frisbee golf when it’s not blowing a gale. Speaking of which we’ve had some pretty hairy nights. The caravan parks in town make you chain down your van due to the high winds, as in previous years they have been blown over. There have been several nights already where the van has been rocking and to Cam’s disappointment not in his favour. It gets quite frightening and we generally end up with a sleepless night.

When we moved here I did get a little concerned with finding work and now I have 4 different jobs on the go, working 6 days a week. Mostly cleaning which is a work out and I generally leave exhausted and the other job is at the local laundromat. Who would’ve thought folding towels and putting linen through a huge ironing press could be complicated.

Last of all the reason why we came was to enjoy the snow and that we are. It’s been a great season so far and some of you may have seen our snow posts already. Some of you may also have un-friended Cam because of this, as he does like to rub it in to some of his mates, but here’s some more anyway.

It is a great place to be and we’re all enjoying it but, not long now and the season will be over then it’s off to Port Stephens on the central coast to de-frost for a bit.

It’s -7 degrees and we’re living in our caravan are we crazy or what???????

Yes you read that right.

After not having much luck obtaining permanent working hours in Pambula, we decided to head to where there are jobs galore.

Cam had plenty of plumbing work which was great and don’t get me wrong we loved Pambula Beach but, it was their off season and the work I had lined up didn’t quite work out, so much to Cam’s delight I suggested we brave it and move to Jindabyne and live in our caravan.

We talked about it with the girls and they were excited as after our weekend up here recently they were in love with the place and were willing to change schools. However Sprout had no say and if he did he may not have wanted to come.

The cold is not really Sprouts thing. He can usually be found on the bed next to the heater or trying to get under the covers of the bottom bunk.

If we’ve gone up the mountain skiing we have to leave him outside much to his disgust, shivering, big puppy dog eyes and a bit of a growl as we pat him goodbye. We fluff up his $100 bed and blanky, I make sure his water bowl is defrosted and he has a bone or treat to chew on so he’s not that hard done by. Sprout your a dog NOT a human.

The caravan park where we’re staying is a seven day Adventist camp, no drinking, no smoking and more than likely no swearing, I know what your thinking, how on earth is Cam going to survive? What happens in the van stays in the van and he drinks a lot of coffee from his thermos mug……It may just be good for him and Sprout.

The park itself is beautiful. There are chalets and dorms, the lodge itself is great and when it’s lit up of a night time it looks amazing.

It’s a family based park so lots of things for the kids. A park, lots of animals from horses, alpacas, sheep, miniature ponies and even a resident wombat. The girls help feed them along with the other kids staying.

At the back of the park there is a BMX pump track and you can try your hand frisbee golf. So there is no chance to get bored here.

We discovered the kangaroos love licking your car after we’ve been up the mountain when they’ve salted the roads to melt the snow on it. Cam went out in the morning and found his car had been licked too death. We were unaware of it until a local told Cam why they do it. So washing the car is a priority after they’ve salted the road.

Cam is working for a local plumber and I have 3 jobs on the go, two cleaning jobs and a day at the local laundromat, nothing exciting but pays the rent and I’m meeting some great people.

Ilueka and Marcee have also been spoilt by the locals. On a day I had to work both girls had to go to work with Cam. First stop was at a ski lodge where the owner popped them up in front of the tv and fed them pancakes and after that off to Berridale to a boutique shop where the owner who was a little quiet at the time, taught the girls how to knit, my job now has been fixing their boo boos.

We celebrated my birthday with a day skiing, the day was blue skies and couldn’t have asked for a better day.

We were up at 6.30 (not my idea of birthday treat) and skiing first runs by 8.30am. We trekked from one side of the resort to the other, no crashes, no whinging and treated ourselves to our favourite mini orb donuts, yummy.

So that is where we’re at. The coldest morning we’ve had so far is -7. The heater is going 24/7 and it’s usually about 20 degrees in the van so nice and cosy. The hardest part is the walk to the ammenities block, apparently its character building, pretty sure I did this character building thing back in 1999 for four seasons. I enjoyed it then and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it again.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Well folks it’s started, the ski season has opened and so far so good.

The second weekend into the opening of the ski season and we took a trip to Jindabyne just to have a little look and maybe have a ski on the Sunday before we headed home.

We went up to Perisher on Saturday arvo and the conditions were extreme, meaning the weather was not the best. It was a white out, so visibility was about 50m and windy. The temperature when we got to the mountain was minus 5 degrees but there is something about this sport that gets you pumped and with the girls super keen we put on our warm clothes, gloves, neck warmers and coats, squeezed our feet into our ski boots and we were ready to go.

The snow was beautiful and the quality to ski on was excellent.

We did a few runs on the magic carpet so the girls could familiarise themselves with it and it wasn’t long and we were off on the bigger runs and having a ball.

The following day we arrived back up at the mountain a bit earlier with more fresh snow fall and visibility was better. The sun was trying to shine through but didn’t quite pop out.

We skied for a couple of hours until we couldn’t feel our fingers and headed in for the most expensive hot chocolates and coffees ever, we will now be purchasing another thermos which would be cheaper than one hot drink. We sat by the fire, dried off gloves and headed back out thinking we won’t last much longer. Three hours later we decided we had better head back to the coast. If we could’ve stayed longer we would’ve, everyone was having an excellent time, the weather had gotten better and the crowd was thinning out, so the lift lines were better. The 2 hour drive back was beckoning us, so we made our way back to the car.

The one thing you can not do when you finish skiing is leave the snow without grabbing some mini orb donuts, it’s a must and they are soooo delicious.

We’re both very proud of the girls, they’re skiing really well and I’m pretty sure by the end of the season they’ll be flying pass me (probably not hard to do though). There was barely a complaint about being cold or being tired, the only thing we need to work on is them carrying their own skis, they’re awkward enough on their own but when your carrying 3 pairs it’s all fun and games.

We made the trek back to Pambula Beach where we were greeted by Sprout, over the top excited to see us.

We have been asked by several people how Sprout was going and some very concerned that we had done away with him as he hadn’t been mentioned for awhile, well here’s an update…..

Believe it or not he’s been excellent but, he is kept in a yard that he can’t get out of. Every night he sits under a tree waiting for the possum to fall out and during the day he spends it sleeping on Ilueka’s bed, a little sad that he’s not at work with the boss.

Now I can’t finish his update off without one story and thank goodness it’s the only one we’ve had for a while. When I take the girls to school he comes for a ride which he loves, well yesterday he had to stay home. I opened the front door and as per usual I expected him to go straight to the car ready to hop in, when across the road sat 2 big Roos…….. one went down the street and the other up the street with Sprout in hot pursuit. I called and called but he was off. Within a minute he came running back up the road, again thinking he may have been able to catch the other instead, however he thought better after seeing me in the middle of the road ready to jump on him, instead he ran straight back inside and out the back door where it was closed behind him. I think he got the point.

So that’s what’s been happening in the last week and like I said there’s something about this sport that gets you……………………..

Settled into our new home at Pambula Beach.

It’s been 3 weeks since we moved to the very quiet town of Pambula Beach and all is going well.

Ilueka and Marcee are enjoying their new school, Pambula Public and made some new friends, a weight off our shoulders and theirs, as Marcee had said “what if no one likes me?”. We did reassure her that she wouldn’t have any problems and if after her first day at school she came home with at least 1 friend I’d buy her a treat, a great incentive, needless to say I was out of pocket but, happy to be.

Cam is 2 weeks into his job with a local plumber and coping well not being his own boss. He’s already been to Jindabyne for a couple of days work and apparently there will be more traveling to other places other than just working local.

His new boss is very relaxed, a little too in some ways for Cam but I’m sure he’ll slip into these new ways.

The surf has been great infact as I write this we are sitting at south Tarthra beach, it’s 8.30am, the sun is shining, the girls are playing and Cam is out surfing. There’s about half dozen guys out there but no wife’s sitting with me, I’m thinking they’re still in bed and didn’t have their alarm clock ringing in their ear early and their other half opening curtains to let the light in, disturbing their dreams.

I however have found it hard with work due to it being their quiet period as the tourists die down therefore hospitality does aswell. I have been lucky enough though to pick up some temporary cleaning at the local preschool, only a couple of hours in the arvo but it’s better than nothing. My love for play dough and glitter has grown so much (I’m being sarcastic), I see it everywhere on the floor it’s great, especially when it’s trodden into the carpet and I have to use a knife to scratch it off.

I also have lined up a few days work at the local vets in Pambula, unfortunately it doesn’t start until July, so until then it’s just walks, reading books, cooking and cleaning for me and after working 3-4 days a week back home it’s very hard to get use too especially when your not in your own home so therefore can’t do things you would normally do.

We’ve had a few moments of “I want to go home ” but that’s usually when people are over tired but, they can’t complain to much, we’ve been off doing something every weekend and spending lots of time together. Mini putt putt is probably a favourite for the girls and Marcee seems to go quite well at it as long as she doesn’t do a “Happy Gilmore” and lose her temper.

All in all we are enjoying our adventure so far and have started discussing our next stop when we move further up the coast in October.

Good times in Canberra, now back to reality……

Wow what a busy week we’ve had, but now it’s back to reality as we settle into our new temporary home at Pambula Beach.

We headed to our nations capital Canberra to spend a few days with our good friends Hasko and Jo in their stunning new home 20 minutes out of the city, however after an offer of house sitting and looking after the farm animals we couldn’t say no and ended up staying for over a week.

If there was a tourist site to be seen we did it or saw it.

We started with Questacon and lucky for us managed to get in for free. If you haven’t been there it’s worth taking the kids, but be prepared to spend most of the day there. There were so many rooms with hands on activities, it was great fun. It was super busy as it was school holidays which bought out all sorts of walks of life and kids that didn’t want to take it in turns, let’s just say Ilueka and Marcee are very lucky that their dad can be persuasive and never had a problem with these children.

We went to Parliament house on the Tuesday, free again except for the parking, I should of just let Cam park on the lawn straight out the front like he wanted to, as he insisted with Tassie number plates we’d get away with it! Instead we accidentally parked in a 1/2hr park, $114 later! Grrr!

We didn’t get to see any politicians instead we saw Mrs Allen all the way from Boat Harbour Primary School, a very small world.

Wednesday, ANZAC day. We all braved it and got ourselves out of bed at 3.30am to pay respect at our first dawn service and what better place than here at the War Memorial in Canberra. There were so many people there to pay their respects and that haunting sound of the bugle playing the Last post was incredible. The girls were great and very patient, as standing in the cold in silence for a lengthy period of time is not easy for a 10 and 7 year old.

To keep ourselves awake for the rest of the day we took ourselves to the National Zoo & Aquarium, it was fantastic, infact up there with the best. So many animals to see, a bit of confusion with a Racoon, I was corrected by Ilueka who told me it was a Red Panda (an easy mistake).

We got VERY close to the Tigers, that was amazing, a beautiful animal, it’s sad they are disappearing off this earth.

The following day we were put in charge of feeding the farm animals. We fed 2 bulls, 2 horses, 3 deers, 50 cows, chooks and 2 extra Jack Russells, (Jack and Russell). Sprouty had a ball with his 2 new friends, the three all got on very well.

We jumped on the 4 Wheeler motorbikes and did our rounds, collecting eggs, Cam in the tractor feeding hay and myself and the girls filling the feed buckets. An excellent experience for the girls, they loved every minute of it.

We then took off after our chores to see the institute of sport. It was a little more than just a swimming pool.

If you ever go to the Australian National Museum, be prepared for a full day and take a packed lunch, as although it was free to look through, the cafe was $$. We saw Pharlaps heart, and a lot of other Australian memorabilia. It was all getting a little overwhelming for two little girls so we didn’t quite make it all the way around.

Sunday was our last day on the farm and it was time to head back to Pambula. Thanks for a great time Hasko and Jo we had a ball and your hospitality was excellent.

And also thanks Stewy and Tammie for a beautiful dinner and great company. The girls loved the late arvo swim/spa, and with Stu and Cam left to cook the bbq out in the shed, well let’s just say we ate late!

We made it back safely to Pambula where we stayed a couple of nights with Bin and Crackles, before settling into our new home at the beach. A bit bigger than the caravan.

Ilueka and Marcee had their first day of school and loved it, quite a relief for myself and Cam.

Now it’s time for job hunting. Cams already scored a job with a local plumber and I’m on the hunt so fingers crossed. The weather has been unbelievable and the beaches here are beautiful, Cams already struck up several new friendships and surprise, surprise that one of them is the guy that works at the bottle shop!

Looking forward to this stage of our trip around Australia and what may come.

Fun in Mallacoota

We arrived here at Mallacoota on Monday 16/04/18. A beautiful little town. Our first caravan park was ok it had a “heated pool” (it was freezing)😱. We decided to move to a new caravan park. The Foreshore is the biggest caravan park in the Southern Hemisphere!!!

We had our first day and went for a big bike ride along the waters edge, this is where Sprout had an attempt at chasing a kangaroo, only problem was Sprout was attached to dad on the lead who was on his bike, he was almost pulled over.

Today 18/04/18 we went for a bike ride to putt putt golf. Marcee kicked putt 😏😜.she made it all around 18 holes without spitting it (dad almost did). Guess who the winner was by 2 points???? Yep you were right……………………

We went to 2 awsome surfing not swimming beaches and played Sprout was stuck in his own hole until he dug his way out.

Here we are sitting around the fire, enjoying ourselves, however, a friendly kangaroo decided to hop through our camp and just like that Sprout broke free. Lucky Dad jumped out of his seat and took off after him and to our surprise he did as he was told and came back, phew!

So far I’m enjoying the trip with Mum, Dad, Marcee and Sprout, but I do miss my family and friends as much as anything else(and my bed).

hope you enjoyed our little update sincerely Ilueka πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ